Women and Climate Change

Women and Climate Change

Climate Change: Women as Agents of Change

Gujarat is one of the pioneering states as far as addressing the concerns of Climate Change. It has not only established a full fledged Climate Change Department that helps in designing the road map for the state in addressing the concerns and best ways to implement the same, it has also encouraged all concerned Departments in the Government to address the issue of climate change in their ongoing programmes and schemes.

As a part of this holistic approach Gender Resource Centre, Ahmedabad also became one of the partners in addressing the concerns of CC from women’s perspective. Gender Resource Centre (GRC) is an autonomous body established in 2003 by Department of Women and Child Development, GoG. The goal is to mainstream gender concerns in all development programmes and policies of the Government.

The project ‘Climate Change: Women as Agents of Change’ sees women not only as victims of climate change but also the agents who can help in mitigating the issue. The project aims at involving two groups of women who are in very close contact with the grassroots women, namely, Anganwadi workers and functionaries of Multi Purpose Women Welfare Centers (MPWWCs), a scheme being run by Dept. of Women and Child Development.

The activities include development of material focusing upon women and climate change, capacity building of the trainers from both the groups and awareness generation with the help of trainers in the women as well as community as a whole.

The activities carried out till date are orientation of MPWWC workers on Climate Change, A Training Of Trainers on Climate Change and development of IEC materials (Posters, Pamphlets, Booklet, Game, flip charts, etc.). Till now all material has been developed and dissemination of the same would initiate soon. 64 staff members of MPWWCs have been oriented on the issue of Climate Change and Women. 26 Trainers were selected and have been trained on the same.

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