Prevention of Domestic Violence

Prevention of Domestic Violence

September 2005 was a memorable month and year for the women of India not just because the Protection from Domestic Violence Act was passed by the India Parliament, but more so because the long standing demand of the various civil society group working against violence on women was conceded through the Act. The demand was to recognize domestic violence as a crime in the public sphere instead of letting it be overlooked as an intra-familial and/or matrimonial relationship issue, thereby statutorily ensuring for women their right to be safe and secure in their paternal, matrimonial and friendship relationship and homes.

GRC is actively coordinating with the Department of Women and Child Development for the effective implementation of the Domestic Violence Act in the state. For the same an orientation workshop was organized with funding support of National Commission of Women.

An action research was undertaken to assess the understanding of protection officers appointed in Gujarat under the Act on the issue of Gender Based Voilence against Women. This was followed by training for POs to orient them regarding the Act and better understanding of their roles with Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Gujarat.

Networking has been initiated with experts like Lawyers Collective in the area of communication, documentation and information services so as to expand the information base on the issue and combine research with action and advocacy.

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