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Year of Forth Edition22-04-2015
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Information Booklet on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act-2005

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), 2005 was passed by the Indian Parliament in October 2005 in response to the long standing demand of the various civil society groups working against violence on women. Since it is a new Act, there are certain confusions regarding the provisions in the Act, and role of different stakeholders. This booklet is an attempt to clear such confusions through presenting the Act in a simple form for women victims of violence, Protection Officers (POs), Service providers (SPs), NGO workers, etc.

The booklet covers the entire range of issues related to the Act, its background, various provisions, role of all stakeholders and agencies involved, POs, SPs, Magistrates and the progress on the act in Gujarat. Also case studies of victims and copies of GRs, Rules & DIRs have been included in the recent addition

Year of Forth EditionAug 2009
Contributory Price Rs 35/-

Gender Just Judgments

The publication is in a form of series of five booklets that documents and analyses some judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts of India, and provides guiding steps for justice on following five key issues-

  • Dowry and Domestic Violence
  • Pre-natal Sex-detection and Sex-selective Abortion
  • Rape
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment at Work Plac
LanguagesEnglish and Gujarati
Year of First EditionMarch 2006
Contributory Price Per book- Rs 30/- Set of five books- Rs 135 with folder

Apni Munjavan Apni Samjan / Let’s Clear Our Confusions

Youngsters are victimized due to lack of information and proper guidance in our fast moving times. This book presents dialogue based questions and answers, so that our youth can acquire scientific information on such critical issues without hesitation to receive appropriate reproductive and sexual health education which is the right of our young generation.

The book covers the entire range of issues related to adolescence from the facts on changes in functioning of human body during adolescence, touches on friendships and emotional bonding, moves up to sexual arousal and associated changes and also provides basic understanding of sexual intercourse and highlights safe sex and AIDS too. This book is certain to help them in at least one area of their growing up in a positive and responsible manner.

Languages Gujarati
Year of First Edition Feb 2006
Contributory Price Rs 25/-

Saksham Mahila Swarnim Gujarat

The booklet is the compilation of all the schemes of various Govt. departments for economic, social, health and educational welfare and empowerment of women. It intends to make the access to information easier by providing the contact details for availing the benefits through a single booklet.

Year of Third EditionMarch 2010
Contributory Price Rs 10/-

A Manual on Gender Responsive Budgeting

Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) is an important tool for mainstreaming gender issues in all areas of public policy and expenditure. The State has initiated the process of GRB in major departments of Government of Gujarat in October 2006, to achieve meaningful empowerment of women.

In order to help and guide the officers involved in the process of incorporating gender concerns in State budgets, GRC has developed a manual on how to carry out gender responsive budgeting process. This booklet would provide insights of GRB process to Government Officers, Policy Developers, NGOs, and other agencies working on gender issues.

LanguagesEnglish and Gujarati
Year of First Edition English – September2008 Gujarati – April 2009
Contributory Price For office use only

Gender Data Bank

Any public policy on women, gender and development issues is formed with the help of information, expertise and guidance from a number of public bodies. What is most important in this however is the need for the easy accessibility of gender related data with “one window approach”.

The idea of having a Gender Data Bank at GRC was based on this presumption. The aim is not to create new data but collect existing data and provide updated and reliable quantitative information on the important areas of concern for women. We have tried to also include data on the subjective position of women within social groups, residence, age, etc. Though the focus is on Gujarat scenario, comparison with other states and national rankings have also been included to get the complete idea on where the state stands as far as status of women is concerned.

This booklet would provide gender segregated data for analysis to Government Officers, Policy Developers, Analysts, NGOs, and other agencies working on gender issues.

Year of First Edition English – September 2008
Contributory Price Rs. 125
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