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My Colleagues at Gender Resource Centre; left no stone unturned to achieve the target of 65 scheduled Programes on various gender issues during the year 2013-14. As a result of thir Sincerity of purpose; G.R.C. condocted as many as 71 Programes during the previous year. (109% achievement) it is indeed a matter of great pride and pleasure for me. It has been our endeavour to encapsulate as many subjects as possible in the trainind calender; within our domain to reach put to maximum number of stakeholders. G.R.c.'s training Calender for the current year will surely be useful to Government functionaries, NGOs, PRIs, Academicians, Students. and all those who want contribute to; creation of "Gender just Society" Shri B. B. Patel

However; it is not GRC's claim that the current traning calander is exhaustive and therefore Suggestions are invited from all those who are concerned with gender issues to enable the G.R.C team to carry out its activities in right perspective.

"Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions."
- Rigveda
Shri B. B. Patel
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